Foreign Franchise Investors Qualify For Your EB-5 & E-2 Visa

Foreign Franchise Investors Qualify For Your EB-5 & E-2 Visa

China, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico: Foreign Investors qualify for your EB-5 & E-2 Visa when you start a franchise business in the United States!

Qualify for your EB-5 Visa and E-2 Visa: When we think of buying into a franchise, using our retirement funds to make bigger retirement funds, we often think of U.S. Citizens only. Retirees or other investors buying into franchises and starting up franchises, make more jobs for us and that is definitely a good thing. However, there is money to be spent here in the U.S. by foreign investors that can do the same thing. They will even have an advantage over U.S. Investors in the fact they know the language and the lifestyles in other countries.

You may ask, “don’t you need to be a citizen to own a business here?” and the legal answer is complicated and long. The short answer is with an EB-5 and E-2 Visa Program, it is possible. The U.S. Government set these programs in place so that foreigne investors that have money to invest can live here and do just that. While many will argue that we shouldn’t let foreigners in the U.S. for this purpose, it does create commerce and jobs that will greatly impact our unemployment crisis.

Open Your Own Franchise BusinessThe EB-5 Visa is one method for foreigners to obtain a green card if they have $500,000 to $1,000,000 for investment purposes. There are many requirements, restrictions and stipulations tied into this law us as the business they start must create or preserve a minimum of 10 jobs for U.S. Employees. Those employees can not be the investor or any immediate family members. It can be a brand new business or an investment that is buying a troubled business. An Immigration lawyer is the best source for sound advise in this matter.

Another option foreigners may consider is an E-2 Investor Visa. This would allow them to enter the U.S. and work based on an investment that they would control. The E-2 Visa has to be renewed every 5 years. Again, consulting with an Immigration lawyer is recommended to make sure all the stipulations of the law is followed.

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The process of obtaining these programs takes time and can be expensive but for an foreign investor, they would see it as part of the investment in buying into or starting a franchise. Buying into a franchise here in the United States is one of the most sound investments a investor can make regardless what country they come from. The United States, even in the worst economic times, is the richest country per capita in the world. The people here are able to keep businesses afloat by trading with it or using the services a franchise offers.

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