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STEP 1: Contact Your Franchise Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia

Using a franchise consultant to help you find the franchise business of your dreams, is probably the smartest things you can do as an entrepreneur. This is one of those times that “working smarter” and not harder, is the best advice you can give yourself. By hiring a franchise consultant Atlanta GA, you are practicing the art of delegation and efficient time-management practices. A franchise consultant will do all the work in finding all of the information that you will need, from finding the right franchise that fits your goals and your personality, to the financing you will need to fund your franchise business. Savvy Franchise has all the franchise resources you need to make the best decision possible.

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Will Atlanta Be The Right Place To Start Your Business?

Atlanta is constantly receiving recognition as one of the best cities in the world. Below you will find some information of how Atlanta was ranked with other cities in the past year.


  • FORTUNE magazine in 2010 found that Atlanta has the 4th most Fortune 500 companies of any US city with 14 firms on the list
  • FORTUNE magazine named Atlanta in top 10 of cities worldwide with the most Global 500 Headquarters in 2009
  • Atlanta ranked as the 2nd cheapest major U.S. city in which to do business, according to KPMG’s 2010 Competitive Alternatives Study
  • Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Atlanta the 7th-best Start-Up City in America, calling Atlanta the “Grower” city, in its 2009 study
  • Forbes named Atlanta the #1 Best Place for Business and Careers in its March 2009 study


  • 7th among nation’s largest metros in the number of college students enrolled, based on 2008 study Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education
  • 7th among nation’s largest metros in the number of degrees awarded, based on 2008 study Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education


  • Forbes named Atlanta the 9th-best city for young professionals, according to a June 2010 study which compared cost of living, number of large companies, number of elite graduates, average income, and unemployment rates
  •’s 2010 Guide to Life After College named Atlanta in the top 10 cities for recent graduates due to its affordable rents, strong music scene, and large number of bars, clubs, and lounges
  • Atlanta is the #1 city for new college graduates to find affordable apartments, according to the 2010 “Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates” study conducted by and
  • Atlanta is the 7th most sought-after U.S. city in which to relocate, according to U-Haul’s Annual Migration Trend Report in 2009
  • Atlanta named one of “50 Places of a Lifetime” by National Geographic in October 2009
  • Atlanta was Named “The Most Wired City” in America by Forbes for 2009 and 2010
  • Atlanta Ranked 9th top destination for college graduates to start their career by job-search portal and Going Global
  • Forbes named Atlanta the 6th Best City for Singles in a 2009 study
  • Next Generation Consulting named Atlanta #4 in its 2009 “Next Cities: Hotspots for Young Professionals

STEP 2: Take Your Business Assessment

Before you look for your franchise business for sale in Atlanta, let’s see what type of franchise fits your “Savvy” business personality, by taking our FREE Business Profile Assessment tool. You’ll receive a comprehensive profile report that will show you what type of business will work with your management style.

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STEP 3: Find Your Franchise

Now that you’ve chosen Altanta, Georgia for your franchise business, find the franchise of your dreams by using our Franchise Search Tool and find the franchise business you’ve been wanting to own and build for your family’s future!